Brunch is the Best!!

Here at The Roots Cafe, We love brunch!

We serve breakfast and lunch until 3:00pm Tuesday – Sunday! So no matter what time, as long as we are open you can get whatever you want! Come in at 12 and have our delicious organic eggs benedict or one of our sandwiches or lunch combo!

Reasons why we love Brunch!

1. Perfect excuse to drink Champagne and epic Bloody Mary’s for no real reason at all, which on Sundays we serve both of them for only $5 until 1:00pm!

2. You can have a Burrito, French toast, eggs benedicts, and BACON and now will judge you.

3.  You can eat breakfast foods super late into the day.

4. Brunch is an all-accepting meal

5. It makes Sunday a fun day!

6. Everyone can get what they want.

7. Its always fun with friends.

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