Hey Roots Cafe Friends

We try to keep this page as neutral and food focused as possible, but today it was brought to my attention that there are strikes at restaurants going on around the country in regards to recent immigration policies…Without getting too politically charged, I just want to take a minute to touch on this sensitive topic. We at Roots Cafe will continue to fight and support diversity within our staff and our amongst our guests. Our Cafe is a place where all are welcome and should feel safe…We are not shutting our doors down today, because unfortunately, as a small business, it would cost us too much financially to do so. This being said, this is not a topic we want to just stay silent on…The backbone of our Cafe’s existence is diversity and our employees and their families originate from all over this beautiful Planet; Mexico, Italy, Sweden, Germany, Africa, Asia, and more. Our countries’ agricultural and food industry is made up in large part by hard working immigrants, who labor tirelessly to provide for their families and at the same time provide our country with a quality of life that some only dream of having. In fact all of us are migrants and that is part of the beauty and strength of our country; migrating and changing constantly….Changing and intermixing of culture, migration to new lands as well as migration of new thought. Diversity is one of the most important aspects of nature and the human race, and with that said, we will continue to embrace difference with a humble understanding that it is our differences which make us unique and beautiful.

Lots of love,

Dan and the whole Roots Crew