Why Local Is the Way to Go

Farm to table isn’t just a marketing slogan, it’s a way of doing business. It’s on our walls, a part of our menu, in our organic and sustainable cuisine, and deeply rooted in every decision we make.

Our mission is to give you an amazing experience that showcases Chester County’s finest foods while protecting our planet. Here are our top reasons why you should eat locally and sustainably all the time:

It means eating seasonally.

There is nothing like biting into a tomato right off the vine in the height of July. While it might mean we don’t serve everything all the time, eating locally allows us to connect with foods the way Mother Nature intended, enjoying them at their peak for maximum freshness!


It is better for the planet.

Locally-grown food travels less than imported foods, reducing emissions and carbon footprint compared to imported foods. It also produces less waste — both when it comes to food packaging and the amount of food that sits unused or tossed from a manufacturing facility.


It’s fresher.

I know when my vegetables come in from Lancaster Farm Fresh, they’ve been picked within the last day or so. I can’t say the same for veggies I find in the supermarket. Plus, fresher foods means more flavor and nutrition!


It supports the community.

Buying local stimulates the local economy while providing jobs for our Chester County friends and neighbors. A New Economics Foundation study concluded that a dollar spent locally generates twice as much income for the local economy.


It’s better, hands down.

Local produce just looks better, tastes better, and is better than fruits and veggies that have transversed the country in a truck for days. Ingredients make the meal. That’s why, we’re committed to supporting our fellow small businesses, neighbors, and community when it comes to our product sourcing.


We are so fortunate to live in an area flush with amazing farmers and food vendors. What is your favorite local spot?