Organic Gardening at Roots Cafe Farm

Getting Ready To Garden

So its getting close to Spring, and for me and a lot of others that means GARDENS!  I absolutely love this time of year, I enjoy digging in the dirt  and breaking a little sweat while getting some much needed vitamin D after spending most of the winter inside ‘hibernating.’   Maintaining a garden can be extremely rewarding and fun, you truly reap what you sow.  If you have a family, I personally think there is not many more important things you can teach kids then to grow their own food.  The life lessons that come from gardening are innumerable; patience, nurturing, hardwork, and so many others.  There are so many methods of gardening, but it is SO important to practice sustainable and organic practices.  

roots cafe farm

A lot of people will hit the hardware store and grab some plants and other necessary items to get the garden started, but this year instead of just grabbing any old potting soil or herbicide, feeding supplements, or soil, check out the ingredients and what you are actually buying.  Miracle Grow and some other brands claim ‘natural’ but what does ‘natural’ really mean?  Why is it important to use organic and what are its benefits?  

For starters, think about the fact that what you put on your  garden   goes into your vegetables and that will eventually go into you when you eat it.  Organic gardening means that you wont be using various insecticides and fertilizers available in market to bolster plant health, Instead you would be using various other tools to maintain plants health and prevent pests from spreading.  

Organic gardening

Utilizing organic methods allows you to reduce the consumption of pesticides in your daily food intake, it also decreases the amount of toxic chemicals you intake in your daily lives.  Building your soil sustainably assures it will be healthier then when you first started growing in it, making it easy to grow in for years and years to come.  Veggies and fruits grown organically without the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides almost always contain higher concentration of minerals and beneficial vitamins.  

So, this year when you start planning for the garden, get online and google ‘organic gardening,’  and take a look at what you can do to make your garden more organic and sustainable.  It will be super beneficial and rewarding for you, your health, and the Earth.