Roots Sunday Market at the Garden

Change is a good thing…Roots Sunday Market 

roots cafe farm

I have always viewed Roots Café as a living, breathing, and ever-evolving entity.  The foundation stone has always been ‘rooted’ in sustainability and just like anything in the natural world, cycles and change are constant.  That being said, Roots has moved its location, changed hours, changed its menu, added seating, and I hope we will continue to grow and change our business.   One major addition in the last year has been our own 1 ½ acre garden in Chester Springs.  The first year of its production we supplied hundreds of pounds of organic, heirloom produce to our restaurant and were able to ensure that our guests were getting the best quality food we could possibly get our hands on by sourcing it ourselves.  This year we are taking it a step further and expanding our gardens, adding beehives, and hopefully one day we will harvest our own free-range eggs as well as the addition of a few goats….but everything in its due time and at its own pace.  With all these exciting additions to the garden, we have calculated that we will most likely grow more than the restaurant can handle on a weekly basis.  We will definitely be donating a portion of this produce to the Chester County Food Cupboard, but just as exciting as getting our hands on fresh organic locally grown produce for us to use in our kitchen, we thought ‘hey, why don’t we make this available to our customers too.’

Roots cafe farm

So, each Sunday, come late Spring, Summer, and Fall; We will be starting our own Fresh Organic Locally Grown Produce Market out back of Roots Café from 8am-4p  every Sunday.  Our goal is to be able to provide organic produce at a very affordable rate, in order to further engage with our guests and let them know a little bit about how we utilize the products we grow.  With the ever growing industrialization of our food, we feel it is more important now than ever for not only people like us, who are able to start a farm and utilize organic and sustainable farming practices to provide the food, but it’s also important for people to be able to purchase locally sourced produce; supporting their local economies and utilizing food they know has been grown without the use of gmo’s or harmful herbicides and pesticides.

 A wise man once said that ‘food is the best medicine’ which is why we will continue to cook using local, organic supplies sourced sustainably.  What better way to ensure this happens then by becoming the source of the food we use and making it available to you….I think our next step for Roots Café is creating a recipe book; this way on  Sunday’s you can grab our produce and open up the recipe book and have ‘Roots Café Quality Food’ anytime you’re hungry!





Dan Cellucci

Owner at Roots Café